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The origins of the Name: From Mythology to the present day


"Kallisté" from Greek mythology means "The most beautiful" ..

Kallisté (Callisto) in Greek mythology, was a nymph of Artemis.
According to legend, Zeus, having seen the nymph resting in a wood, fell in love with it.
The God, to seduce Callisto, consecrated to Artemis and for this virgin held to chastity, decided to assume the appearance of Artemis herself. After some time Artemis, together with Callisto , decided, after a hunt to rest, taking a bath at a spring. Callisto, now pregnant, at first hesitated to undress so as not to reveal the loss of virginity. Removed her dress, the goddess discovered betrayal.

Kallisté Aesthetics  - About Us - Callisto Nymph

Artemis transformed Callistus into a bear (according to another version to turn Callisto into bear was Hera, to take revenge on the betrayal of Zeus, or it was the father of the gods himself who transformed Callistus to save her from the vengeance of Hera).
Hera was able to convince Artemis to kill the nymph with an arrow. After his death Zeus transformed Callistus into the constellation of the Great Bear (Ursa Major).
About it we decided to inaugurate a temple in tribute to the beauty, transformation and dedication to the body and mind of all our customers.



 Located in a corner of nature and peace in Valmontone (Rome), precisely in Via Colle Canale 55, far from hectic life, we offer a welcoming environment, where courtesy and   professionalism are essential for us, nothing is left to chance and every detail is taken care of in the smallest details.
We use prestigious brands such as Shellac C.N.D in the field of semi-permanent polish and brands such as the T.E.N which adopts exclusive methodologies for face and body   treatments.
The strong point is the many years of experience in the beauty sector with continuous updates and specializations all focused on the common objective of customer satisfaction.
The center has the service from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, clearly open every day.

Kallisté Aesthetics - About Us

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